eCommerce Design, Development and Logo Work

I designed and developed a new eCommerce site for TwentyTwelve. TwentyTwelve were originally a clothing company that traded exclusively on Facebook. I also worked on a slight re-design of their logo to help make it more adaptable for different uses.

Client: TwentyTwelve

Year: 2020

the brief.

Leanne, the founder of TwentyTwelve, approached me to help her take her business to the next step. Exclusively trading from Facebook, Leanne was growing increasingly frustrated with the extra work that it took to process all of her orders. After our initial conversation, Leanne and I agreed that a fully responsive eCommerce website was the way to go to alleviate Leanne's frustrations. We also agreed that Leanne's Logo for the business needed some work. While the original logo was pleasing on the eye, it didn't necessarily scale well for different situations. Leanne needed a logo that could be split up when scaling down without losing the brand identity.

design phase.

Firstly, I got to work designing a new logo for TwentyTwelve. The original logo made use of a pink colour which represented Leanne's daughter and a blue colour which represented Leanne's son. I wanted to incorporate these two colours as, not only did they contrast really well, but they also have significance in Leanne's life. The final design consists of the name 'TwentyTwelve' in a bold typeface (with the 'TW' mirrored) and a circular element using the number '2012'. This design works well because the circular element can be used for smaller engagements, such as a favicon.

After the logo was accepted by Leanne, I moved onto wireframing. A wireframe is essentially the skeleton of the eventual website and is used to finalise the structure. As with all my sites, I use this process to make sure that there is a flow to the site and their are no chance that a user will end up stuck on any page with no way to navigate out. On completion, the wireframes were sent to Leanne for her approval.

Once the wireframes were approved by Leanne, it was time to start with the designs for the site. This is the fun part and I love to see where the designing leads me. Using the wireframe as a template I started designing Leanne's site. I wanted to make sure that I incorporated the pink and blue colours from the logo with a mix of black and white to give a real sense of simplicity. Leanne hired a professional photographer for the images which really helps to give the site a more professional look.

development phase.

Once the final designs had been approved by Leanne, the project moved to the development phase. During the initial conversation with Leanne, we discussed what platform the site would be built on. I explained the benefits of using Webflow for the development due to the superior functions that Webflow has to offer. The TwentyTwelve site is now complete and Leanne was extremely pleased with the outcome. I hope you like it too and if you feel that I would be a good fit for your project, please do get in touch.

launch phase.

The development phase took roughly two weeks and the site was launched. You can view the site here. I hope you like it and if an eCommerce site is something that you feel you need to take your business to the next step please do get in touch for a quote.